10 Emojis That You Are Using Incorrectly

10 Emojis That You Are Using Incorrectly

 Emojis are a great way to express emotions between friends, family and colleagues! We use emojis almost on an hourly basis and are universally accepted as standalone replies in our WhatsApp or Skype conversations. However, are you sure you atr using them properly?

Here are 10 emojis that mean something entirely different than what you might expect: 

1. Praying Hands:


Commonly used as praying hands or to signify a high-five. E.g.: Texting your friend – Hopefully my mom will allow me to come out tomorrow night! *insert a bazillion of these emojis to summon the angels*

Literal meaning – Our interpretation of this emoji isn’t too far from that of the makers, it was intended to be used as saying ‘please’ or ‘thank you’. So maybe use it when you’re texting your mom and pleading to go out for the night, it will still make sense. 

2. Person Bowing:

This emoji kind of looks like a child either hugging his knees or is doing that pose where you place your chin on your hands to try to look innocent.

Literal meaning – Turns out, this interpretation is completely off of what the emoji was intended to depict. The child is actually kneeling and doing the Japanese dogeza, a bow done to show that one is extremely apologetic. Still confused as to how it looks like a bow? Think about it this way, the kid’s palms are placed on the ground and he is about to touch his forehead to the floor. You know what? His expression finally makes sense.

3: Information Desk Person: 

Let’s be honest, being cheeky or sassy can be quite fun. But there’s also a very thin line between being funny and offending someone. This is where the need for this emoji emerges. It is used to make sure that everyone knows you’re just poking a little bit of fun and being cute.

Literal meaning – Well, heartbreakingly enough, she has nothing do with being sassy. Not even 0.00001%.  Her hand is not doing a hair flip but is actually just gesturing ‘May I help you?’ as she’s supposed to be working at the help desk. Maybe internally she’s a sassy information-desk lady.

4. Face With Look of Triumph

Don’t you use this when you’re super fed up with this world or when someone has gotten on your very last nerve? Unsurprisingly, it’s not the correct way to use it.

Literal meaning – I don’t know how but this emoji is supposed to look triumphed *insert confused emoji*. The look you supposedly get when you have finally achieved your objective even though, all the odds were against you. I guess I do look like that after climbing a flight of stairs, triumphed, since cardio is pretty much against me.

5: Woman With Bunny Ears:

These girls clearly look like they’re having a good time! And if you want to have just as much fun, you send this emoji to your girl gang to let them know that it’s time to party! How can it mean anything but partying/girls night out?

Literal meaning – Well, the bunny ears that the girls are wearing are more significant to their costume than you think. This is the emoji representation of Playboy’s Bunny Girls, hence the ears.

6. Teacup Without Handle

Honestly, this just looks like some warm soup for a sick person. Why is it green? What kind of veggies are in there?? I don’t know if you can tell but I really don’t think it looks appetizing.

Literal meaning – It makes me feel a little better as it’s none of the veggie soups that I imagined it to be. It’s just plain ol’ matcha tea, full of goodness and greenness.

7. Ogre

It looks like a scary red monster. Not sure how often people use this emoji but it’s sometimes used to show that you’re angry or it follows when you have admitted to something scary/creepy about yourself.

Literal meaning – He is actually more than just a scary red monster and has a name and everything. He is the Japanese ogre, Namahage, who takes away misfortune and brings luck. I wish more people knew that he’s actually a good guy! Maybe the next time I wish my best friends good luck, I’ll make sure to send this emoji along.

8. Dizzy:

I see a star and its tail…Don’t know about you but all that comes to my mind is a shooting star. Not that we always use it to mean that. Often, this symbol is used when saying something special, like wishing someone on a festival or saying good luck!

Literal meaning – I can’t tell you how far away we are from the actual meaning of this symbol. Apparently, it represents dizziness. Okay, I know you must be confused (because I definitely was) but if you think about how dizziness is shown in comics and cartoons, everything will begin to make sense!

9: Face Savouring Delicious Food:

How often do you send a text that is borderline mean but also really really funny? When you’re extremely skeptical about whether it will be received well or whether you will have to apologize instantly to curb any damage? You know that, more often than not, you choose to send that text to share that splendid humor of yours and this emoji really helps to keep things from getting heated.

Literal meaning – Although it does look a lot like the archaic symbol – :P,  that we used to use, it is actually supposed to look like the face that you make when you’re eating something delicious. I think I can actually get on board with that meaning, what about you?

10: See No Evil Monkey:

Shy…shy…very very shy. If you admit to something embarrassing, you have to send this emoji along with it. If someone randomly compliments you, you have to reply with this emoji. It only makes sense. Since this emoji is on this list, you know that its purpose was definitely something else.

Literal meaning – I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying – Speak no evil, hear no evil and lastly, see no evil. Well, that’s it! The monkey represents seeing no evil but I highly doubt I’ll ever stop using it as the shy emoji.

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