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Flirting in Spanish: Top Words and Phrases

Flirt in spanish

With every country and language comes a different culture and a different way to approach a person you find attractive. Spanish is widely spoken in over 20 countries and you never know when you might bump into a beautiful Spanish Señorita or handsome Spanish Señor. The Spanish language is known to be very expressive, tied with melodic sounds, making it one of the most romantic languages to learn...

Different Varieties of the Arabic Language

Different varieties of the Arabic language

Arabic is one of the world’s most incredible languages. Arabic is part of the Semitic language family, which incorporates dialects like Aramaic and Hebrew. Like most other Semitic dialects, Arabic is composed from right to left. The language today is spoken by over 400 million individuals and Arabic is the official language in 22 nations. Arabic also plays a vital role in numerous nations...

Most Spoken Languages in the USA

Most Spoken Languages in the USA

The United States of America is home to a diverse population. Being the third-largest country in the world by area measuring 9.84 million square kilometers, and having an ever-increasing population of 329 million at the end of 2019, the linguistic plurality of the USA should come as no surprise. When one reads ‘Most Spoken language in the USA’, you will not be wrong in thinking it is English. But...

Flirting in German: Top Words and Phrases

Flirting in German: Top Words and Phrases

Every country has its own unique way of flirting. In some countries, it’s more straightforward while in other countries it’s subtle. The key to success (and to avoid an awkward moment) is to understand the culture, of the country you are in, and follow their unwritten rules of love and flirting. When it comes to flirting in Germany, you need to focus on a few important points such as getting to...

13 Most Popular Baby American Sign Language Signs

Baby Sign Language

When it comes down to the importance of teaching your baby sign language there are a few things you need to know. Utilizing signs helps your infant to communicate with signals before they can express themselves with words. Sign language is a visual language based on body movements, hand gestures, and facial expressions to make visual stories. Toddlers have a rush of emotions and feelings such as...

Getting Fluent in a Second Language: Explained

Getting fluent in a Second Language

Let’s think back to when you were 1 year old, then 2 years old, then 3, and then 4. Do you remember being 4? Even if you don’t, we’re sure the adults around you remember. You understood just about everything everyone said, and if you didn’t understand an idiom, you asked, and it was explained. Every word you learned, you watched people’s mouths on how to form the sounds. You did this for...



The 70s were known for bell-bottoms and rock and roll, the 80s for outrageous fashion trends (think big colorful hair and punk rock)  and the 20s was known as the Roaring Twenties or the Jazz Age. Known as the beginning of fusion music and pop culture, it was embossed with the idea to create a sense of freedom of expression and cultural shock through song and dance. While Jazz has captured...

A Guide to Brazilian Portuguese

A Guide to Brazilian Portuguese

  The Portuguese language is one of the most complex and detailed languages in the world, and it is also considered a sophisticated and poetic language. It is important to know that there are two different types of Portuguese: Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. You have probably heard someone speaking Portuguese at some point, and you may even have confused the language with...

8 Parts of Speech & Why You Need to Know Them

8 Parts of Speech & Why You Need to Know Them

To learn how to run, you have to learn how to walk first. The same goes for learning English. To speak the language proficiently, you’ll have to master the grammar and the set of rules that go with it. Words in the English language can be confusing at times because of their ability to have a different meaning. Consequently, for better understanding and analyzing the words and their meaning, we...

Most Popular American Sign Language Phrases – You Need to Know

Sign language phrases that get very handy

American Sign language (ASL) is growing in popularity and its the primary language of the Deaf and Hard of hearing in the USA. Its popularity has also expanded to other countries around the world. ASL is a natural language which means it has its own syntax grammar and vocabulary, exactly like spoken languages do. It’s not only about using your hands to communicate a message, but it also...

How to Say “I Love You” in 20 Languages

How to Say "I Love You" in 20 Languages

When three little words are combined they create a powerful and life-changing phrase ‘I love you’. This romantic phrase not only has the power to spark joy but also has the ability to bring people together. It is used around the world in every language and has the same positive effects.  Impress that special someone by declaring your love and learning how to say ‘I love you’ in 20 different...

How an Online Psychology Degree and Certificates Can Lead to a Rewarding Career

Online Psychology Degree

There are many benefits that come with studying psychology in traditional brick-and-mortar schools or educational institutions. But what about undertaking an online course? Will you have the chance to qualify in the fascinating field of psychology using resources over the internet? As you probably already know, psychology is one of the most famous majors in universities for decades running. And...

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