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English Phrases You Need to Know This Summer

authorIcon Leah Simon authorIcon June 23, 2017

Ever hear expressions said in contexts that make no sense? The English language, with its kinks,..

Phubbing – Does Your Phone Matter More Than A Friend?

authorIcon Leah Simon authorIcon June 21, 2017

A portmanteau of “phone” and “snubbing”, phubbing describes the habit of ignoring someone in..

The Coolest Travel Idioms in the World

authorIcon Leah Simon authorIcon June 20, 2017

Apart from being just downright fun, idioms are also a window into a language’s cultural origins..

Thai Cultural Etiquette

authorIcon Leah Simon authorIcon June 18, 2017

How's your Thai etiquette? With the arrival of summer come the vacation plans and getaways, and..

How Colorful is Your English?

authorIcon Leah Simon authorIcon June 18, 2017


Add color to your language and sound like a native speaker!

A primary means of describing any..

Father's Day Celebrations From Around The World

authorIcon Moaz Khan authorIcon June 15, 2017
Father's Day, which orignated in America, is celebrated in the Western world on the third..

Different Varieties of The English Language

authorIcon Govind authorIcon June 13, 2017

English is the most widely-spoken language in the world, having the distinct status of being the..

Top Tips for UAE Cultural Etiquette

authorIcon Sue Brett authorIcon June 11, 2017

Over the past 2 decades, the UAE has become a significant business and leisure destination...

What Are the World’s Most Powerful Languages?

authorIcon Leah Simon authorIcon June 1, 2017

 “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” This famous quote by Charlemagne is..


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