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6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Must Learn A New Language

authorIcon Manon Hazell authorIcon September 18, 2017

You’ve recently started a new business and you have a thousand different ideas and projects for..

Translating the Handshake Across Cultures

authorIcon Moaz Khan authorIcon September 11, 2017

Shaking hands may seem like a universally accepted form of greeting your counterparts, however,..

5 Easiest Languages to Learn

authorIcon Ojaswini Kalia authorIcon September 4, 2017

Learning a new language can be liberating as well as frustrating. Once you have learned a new..

Common American Gestures to Avoid when Abroad

authorIcon Ojaswini Kalia authorIcon August 30, 2017

You might be going on a holiday, with no care in the world, just wanting to enjoy some fresh..

What Languages are the Hardest to Learn for English Speakers?

authorIcon Leah Simon authorIcon August 28, 2017

Having the ability to communicate in more than one language is known to be beneficial and an..

15 Dope Words that Millennials are Using

authorIcon Ojaswini Kalia authorIcon August 24, 2017

Keeping up with Millennials and their lingo is tough! But fear not, here's a post that might..

5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Vacation

authorIcon Ojaswini Kalia authorIcon August 20, 2017

Vacations usually start before you even leave for them. You start imagining how the hotel will..

How Millennials are Redefining the English Language

authorIcon Ojaswini Kalia authorIcon August 17, 2017

Some of you out there might be familiar with the term “Millennials” as well as the terms that..

Dothraki Phrases every Game of Thrones Fan Must Know!

authorIcon Leah Simon authorIcon August 14, 2017

A fictional language constructed for George R. R. Martin’s immensely famous fantasy novel series


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