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Phrases in High Valyrian that Every Game of Thrones Fan Must Know


The one year wait finally came to an end In July 2017, and Game of Thrones fan were treated to a record breaking season 7 premiere.  With Daenerys Targaryen now in her ancestral home of Dragonstone and Jon Snow finally having been confirmed as half-Targaryen, now is a good time as any to brush up on some High Valyrian, mother tongue of the Targaryens!

Rytsas - Hello

Kessa - Yes

Daor - No

Kirimvose - Thank you

Kostilus - Please, perhaps

Geros ilas - Goodbye

Valar morghulis - All men must die

Valar dohaeris - All men must serve

Dovaogēdy - an Unsullied

Kelītīs - Halt (order)

Dracarys - dragon-fire

Muña Zaldrizoti - Mother of Dragons

Valyrio muño ēngos ñuhys issa - Valyrian is my mother tongue

Skoros morghot vestri? - What do we say to death?

Tubī daor - Not today

Bantis zōbrie issa se ossȳngnoti lēdys - The night is dark and full of terrors

Avy jorrāelan - I love you

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