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St. George - The Dragon Slayer

authorIcon Govind authorIcon April 20, 2017
St George’s Day takes place on April 23rd every year, celebrating the patron saint of England,..

When, What & How - The Guide to Awesome Delegation

authorIcon Sue Brett authorIcon April 18, 2017

To quote a rather famous Jedi, "Do or do not. There is no try". It's the same when it comes to..

10 German Phrases to Make You Sound Like a Local

authorIcon Govind authorIcon April 17, 2017
When traveling to a new country, we often find ourselves holding a dictionary or a language..

Spanish- Who Speaks it and Where

authorIcon Sue Brett authorIcon April 15, 2017

So you may be wondering what the difference is between castellano, español and Latin American..

20 Famous People We Bet You Didn't Know Are Multi-Lingual

authorIcon Govind authorIcon April 12, 2017
Learning new languages has been an essential part of many celebrities across the globe. At times..

How to Use Self-Directed Training to Amplify Your Top Performers

authorIcon Sue Brett authorIcon April 10, 2017

How many times have you heard the saying, "If only we could bottle it"? The key opportunity for..

How To Find Time (The Guide to Awesome Time Management)

authorIcon Sue Brett authorIcon April 9, 2017

The challenge of time management. I had a clear out at home this weekend, and got to Sunday..

Which Countries Have the Most English Speakers?

authorIcon Govind authorIcon April 6, 2017

An estimated 840 million people speak English around the world. Known as the global business..

Arabic - Who Speaks It and Where?

authorIcon Govind authorIcon April 5, 2017

Arabic offers a blend of critical language skills and is useful in over 20 countries with..


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